KATHI BURG is a poet, writer, and author of the anthology, A Little Book of Poetry: For When Night Seems Dark, published by Wipf and Stock Publishers. In Little Book, she writes about loss, grief, and struggle, while offering words of hope, comfort, and encouragement. Her belief in God, and her appreciation for nature and animals are the inspiration behind her deep poetry, uplifting devotionals, and moving fiction.

Burg has been a Bible student for over 20 years, most recently publishing her devotional writing on Our Bible App. In 2020, she started Good Courage Greetings, where she creates greeting cards that provide a simple and heartfelt way to send thoughtful messages to others.

Kathi works out of her home in the mountains of Julian, California. When she’s not writing, she spends her free time with her husband taking care of their hobby farm (painting stables, stacking wood, weed trimming, repairing irrigation damaged while weed trimming). She is currently working on a children’s story set on a mountain and told from the point of view of the creatures that live there. In the following excerpt, Pippa, the lizard, is looking downcast and it hasn’t escaped her bird friend, Mabel’s notice. When Mabel reaches out to find out what’s weighing on her friend, Pippa says that she’s troubled by some of the things she sees happening in the world:

Mabel hopped off of her branch and dropped down beside Pippa.

‘Remember,’ said Mabel, ‘He told us that one day the wolf will dwell with the lamb?’

‘Yes,’ Pippa responded.

‘Remember He said that He knows when a sparrow falls to the ground?’

Pippa nodded in agreement.

‘It’s so easy,’ Mabel continued, ‘so tempting to think about the sad and dark things happening around us because we can see them. But the things we cannot see are just as real, and they are more powerful than the darkness, Pippa. For a time, the trouble will continue. But there is another time when it will end. We can look forward to its end, Pippa.’

The two rested beside each other.

‘Don’t let the darkness take over your thoughts, Pippa. Because there’s more than that. A lot more.’

Pippa sat quietly with her friend, the sun warming her skin and Mabel’s words lifting her heart.”

(Isaiah 11:6; Matthew 10:29)

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